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Email from person that claims politics has been eliminated from school board elections

We finally succeeded in removing politics from school boards a few years ago and I do not understand why you feel it is going to create a better school board to re-introduce politics into the elections. Let the people run on their qualifications, not on what party they are, or who they sway among a few "friends" in the caucus system.…


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My talking points in support of HJR7

I take out my well-worn and trusty copy of the constitution

I love the constitution, I believe it is inspired.

I exercise my rights as guaranteed in the Constitution on a weekly if not daily basis:

  • Speech
  • Religion
  • Assembly
  • Bear arms
  • etc

I don’t see the constitution as something that we put on a shelf in a fancy and elegant display that is only to look at and admire

I see the constitution as something that we…


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Press Release on House action on SB164 "Healthy Utah"

For immediate release

Contact: Chuck Gates



Cate Klundt



House Rules Committee Receives S.B. 164



SALT LAKE CITY – (02/25/15) The Governor’s proposed version of Medicaid expansion: S.B. 164 or “ Healthy Utah,” has recently passed out of the Senate and is currently in the House Rules committee. The House Republican Caucus has heard and closely examined “Healthy Utah” through…


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Rep. Lifferth's Complete 2015 Voting Record Jan 26 - Feb 25

Votes Generated: Wed. Feb 25, 8:06 PM

Floor Votes

Bill Short Title Sponsor Action…

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My talking points on HB214 Anti-Caller ID Spoofing bill

HB214 Caller ID Spoofing Bill

This is my 3rd Identity Theft related bill in 3 years

This bill started out as an Identity Theft bill but has been focused to cover spoofing of Caller ID for phone and text messaging.

  • This is a serious crime that is happening nationwide.
  • Let me explain…

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Answering a question from a voter about the proposed gas tax increase

Hi Representative Lifferth,

I hope things are going well for you and you are representing our community well while you are in session.  I would like to let you know that our family is not in support of an increase of the gas tax.  Our young family has felt our budget pinch while gas prices have increased and we are finally getting a little relief with gas prices lower.  Please don't increase the tax on gas. 

Thanks so much!  I appreciate your time!



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My test results (95/96) from taking the Citizenship test on!

The only question that I missed on the Citizenship test was "What type of Economic system does the United States have?"

My answer was "None of the above". According the test the correct answer is "Capitalist Economy".

My response is that with all of the overbearing regulations, the massive redistribution of wealth, Obamacare mandate, etc that the United States does not have Capitalist Economy.  Maybe we did at one time, but we left that condition a long, long…


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Email question about non-partisan school board elections

As I get regular emails supporting non-partisan school board elections (primarily from people associated with the education establishment, I wanted to share a sample email one of my responses to these emails.


Senator Lifferth,

I am writing you as a constituent who lives in Saratoga Springs. I want to let you know that I am very opposed to partisan school board elections. In addition to violating the spirit of Article X, Section 8…


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Results from 2015 Week 4 Survey

SB45: Should Crossbows be allowed during Archery hunts?

Some Other Responses:

S: I believe that just like muzzle loader and rifle are different hunts, crossbows offer some advantages that put it into another shooting category.

P: Archery season is meant for a particular skill. Granted, today's bows are a far cry from what they had been years ago, but they are still bows. I've shot rifles, crossbows, and standard bows. To me it seems as…


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House Voting Results for HB79 Primary Seat Belt Law

Since I have already been hounded on Social Media and emails about how I voted on Rep. Perry's HB79 Primary Seat Belt Law, I wanted to post the votes from the house. And for the record I voted against it in committee 2013, again in 2014, and I voted against it today in the House Session.

February 17, 2015

1HB 79
Safety Belt Law Amendments
/ Bramble

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Thoughts on STEM eduation from Dan

An active voter in my district, Dan, said I could post his email.  I appreciated his thoughts and details.

Dear Representative Lifferth,


Thanks for your efforts to keep us, constituents, informed on your legislative work.  I have a few comments regarding HB203 that provides incentives for hiring and paying teachers for STEM.


I did read the bill. Much of the bill answers many of my questions with the "S" and "M" of STEM.


It is the "T" and "E"…


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Recap of High Profile bills from Week 3

With a little less than half of this year’s general session under our belt, we’re continuing to work hard and tackle the difficult issues tackling our state. As always, we welcome any questions, comments, or concerns, and look forward to hearing from you.


This was the first close vote in the House this session, narrowly passing with a…


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Results from 2015 Week 3 Survey

SB53:Do you think that Utah`s Domestic Animal should be the Golden Retriever?

Some Other Responses:

J: Really? This is really something our representatives are "working" on? Ridiculous.

S: Am a dog trainer, there are more labs and Shih tsus in UT than Goldens, but it is silly

C: I think that its great that school children are getting involved in the legislative process and for that reason, would not oppose its passage, but I…


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Survey Results from Week 2 of 2015 Session

Do you support HB63 that would relax some of the strict use of Devices (GPS,Phone,etc) while Driving law that was passed last year?

Some Other Responses:

J: I support the majority of HB63. However, I disagree with the removal of the maximum fine (section 4.a), the change to a class A misdemeanor in certain circumstances (section 4.b).

S: These laws need to be strengthened, not loosened. Distracted…


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I spoke to the 6th Graders at Eagle Valley Elementary School

After receiving letters from the 6th grade students at Eagle Valley Elementary School, I wanted to visit with them. The students had the assignment of writing letters to elected officials about an issue that was important to them. The students decided to write letters to me so that I could deliver them to members of the Prison Relocation Commission (PRC).…


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Photos from dedication of Sgt. Cory Wride Memorial Park

I have additional photos that I took on Facebook:

I was able to participate in the Sgt. Cory Wride Memorial Procession and Park dedication today. It was very touching. I was very impressed with Cory's wife Nanette said that the family had forgiven the shooter.…


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Discussion with Governor Herbert on the Prison Relcation

I finally got to meet with Governor Herbert. He held an open house to meet with legislators after his State of the State Speech last night.  I think his objective was to discuss his Healthy Utah plan with Legislators. But I took the opportunity to discuss the prison with him.

We talked for about 10…


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I was able to visit with elected officials from Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain

I was able to take the elected officials and staff from Eagle Mountain. This is the group in the House Chambers. City Councilmen Tom Westmorland and Adam Bradley, City Administrator Ifo Pili, Mayor Chris Pengra, City Councilwoman Donna Burnham, City Recorder Fionnuala Kofoed, Finance Director Paul…


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Mayor Pengra in meetings with me on Capitol Hill

Mayor Chris Pengra was able to visit with key members of the Prison Relocation Commission and legislators. He was able to share important information about the analysis of the proposed Eagle Mountain site.

Rep. Sagers (Tooele) and Mayor Pengra

We also met with Senator Mayne, Rep.…


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Information on Health Care proposals

There have been many questions about the various Health Care Proposals including Governor Herbert's Healthy Utah proposal.  Here are some of the details taken from a Power Point prepared by Rep. Jim Dunnigan.


$28 million

FY16 : $16 million

70/30 extension of…


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