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End of 2015 Legislative Session Countdown Mar 12, 2015

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Rep. Lifferth's Complete 2015 Voting Record Jan 26 - Feb 25

VotesGenerated: Wed. Feb 25, 8:06 PM Floor VotesBillShort TitleSponsorActionDateVoteHB0001S01Higher Education Base BudgetGrover, K.House/ passed 3rd reading2/9/2015YeaHB0004S01Business, Economic Development, and Labor Base BudgetPitcher, D.House/ passed 3rd reading2/9/2015YeaHB0005Retirement and Independent Entities Base BudgetPowell, K.House/ passed 3rd reading2/9/2015YeaHB0006S01Infrastructure and General Government Base BudgetFroerer, G.House/ passed 3rd reading2/9/2015YeaHB0007S01National…See More
Feb 25
David Lifferth posted blog posts
Feb 24
David Lifferth posted blog posts
Feb 22
David Lifferth commented on David Lifferth's blog post House Voting Results for HB79 Primary Seat Belt Law
"And this is one of the responses that I posted on Social Media: This was the 3rd time I have voted against a Primary Seat-belt Law. Twice previously I voted against it and killed it in the transportation committee. This time Rep. Perry (who I like)…"
Feb 17
David Lifferth posted a blog post

House Voting Results for HB79 Primary Seat Belt Law

Since I have already been hounded on Social Media and emails about how I voted on Rep. Perry's HB79 Primary Seat Belt Law, I wanted to post the votes from the house. And for the record I voted against it in committee 2013, again in 2014, and I voted against it today in the House Session.February 17, 20151HB 79Safety Belt Law AmendmentsPerry/ BrambleAmended3rd ReadingFinal PassageYeas 41 Nays 32 N/V 2 ClosedYeas - 41Arent, P.Briscoe, J.Chavez-Houck, R.Christensen,…See More
Feb 17

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Blog Posts

Breitbart: Education Funding for Western States is Elementary

Posted by David Lifferth on March 4, 2015 at 2:23pm 0 Comments

My article on Eduction Funding in Western States was published by Breitbart.

AP Photo

How do you fund the education of your children…


Part of my weekly newsletter about Healthy Utah

Posted by David Lifferth on February 28, 2015 at 8:30pm 0 Comments

Healthy Utah

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the public discuss of Healthy Utah has been factually inaccurate. The wall-to-wall radio advertisements have been particularly deceptive. The news media has been “all in” on Healthy Utah and make it sound that everyone loves Healthy Utah except Speaker Greg Hughes and Majority Leader Jim Dunnigan. Here is a link to a blog I posted on this subject:

However, the…


Email from Oak Norton about Partisan School Board elections

Posted by David Lifferth on February 28, 2015 at 8:19pm 0 Comments

In last year’s state school board race, we had 9 candidates file for 1 seat in our area. These 9 people were reduced to 3 in an unconstitutional process, the governor then eliminated 1 more, and sent 2 names to our ballot. A lawsuit added 1 more person to the race, and THAT is the individual that won.


Obviously the current process doesn’t work.


But will non-partisan races work? Think about this... There are about 3 million people in Utah. Per state school board member (15 of them), that’s 200,000 people PER MEMBER.



Results from 2015 Week 5 Surveys

Posted by David Lifferth on February 28, 2015 at 10:30am 0 Comments

SB82: Should law enforcement wear proper identification and body cams when doing forcible entry?

Some Other Responses:

S: Yes. However, the body cam technology is notoriously unreliable at this time. There was a provision I this bill that put huge liability on the officer if the cam malfunctioned. I am glad to see that removed.

K: At least proper ID

J: And get rid of "no-knock".

A: Only fully uniformed officers should do the entry.

B: If they have the right to ID me, I should have the same right to ID them

J: My knee jerk reaction is to make that a requirement. I hesitate just a little because I'm not sure what the unintended consequences might be. PO's are public servants and should be held to a higher standard, but once we make the requirement how far does it go? Are my interactions with tellers at the DMV recorded? What about schools, should teachers be required to have camera's. You can say I'm setting…


Blog on status of the Governor's Healthy Utah plan

Posted by David Lifferth on February 28, 2015 at 10:29am 0 Comments

There has been an unfortunate misrepresentation about the process the House of Representatives has gone through in its consideration of the governor’s Healthy Utah plan. The news reports would have you believe that the speaker is unwilling to have the debate.

It is simply disingenuous to say that no debate has taken place. We have had it for months, much of it publicly and more extensively than we would have been able to have on the House floor. We have listened to presentations from representatives on all sides of the issue and have given members the resources needed to make a decision based on facts. More time has been spent on this issue than any other as we have sought to find a solution to the coverage gap created by the Affordable Care Act.

The Legislature’s Health Reform Task Force, after two years of study, announced in December that they would not be recommending Healthy Utah to the Utah Legislature. With this understanding, it was extremely…


Email from person that claims politics has been eliminated from school board elections

Posted by David Lifferth on February 27, 2015 at 9:30am 0 Comments

We finally succeeded in removing politics from school boards a few years ago and I do not understand why you feel it is going to create a better school board to re-introduce politics into the elections. Let the people run on their qualifications, not on what party they are, or who they sway among a few "friends" in the caucus system.

My talking points in support of HJR7

Posted by David Lifferth on February 26, 2015 at 4:49pm 0 Comments

I take out my well-worn and trusty copy of the constitution

I love the constitution, I believe it is inspired.

I exercise my rights as guaranteed in the Constitution on a weekly if not daily basis:

  • Speech
  • Religion
  • Assembly
  • Bear arms
  • etc

I don’t see the constitution as something that we put on a shelf in a fancy and elegant display that is only to look at and admire

I see the constitution as something that we need to exercise and use

We as a state and as a group of state to exercise our rights and guarantees in the constitution

I believe the constitution is inspired. All of of it. I don’t exclude the Article 5 of the constitution as an uninspired section of the constitution.

I encourage and challenge each of you to exercise you God given rights to exercise our rights in Article 5 and reign in our out of control government.

Press Release on House action on SB164 "Healthy Utah"

Posted by David Lifferth on February 26, 2015 at 11:34am 0 Comments

For immediate release

Contact: Chuck Gates



Cate Klundt



House Rules Committee Receives S.B. 164



SALT LAKE CITY – (02/25/15) The Governor’s proposed version of Medicaid expansion: S.B. 164 or “ Healthy Utah,” has recently passed out of the Senate and is currently in the House Rules committee. The House Republican Caucus has heard and closely examined “Healthy Utah” through media campaigns, advocacy groups, constituent communication, a Senate committee hearing, two Senate Floor debates, multiple House caucus meetings and extensive dialogue with the executive branch.

“We have spent an inordinate amount of time on this issue and our discussion must shift to other critical areas of legislation,” said Speaker Greg Hughes. “Ultimately House Republicans decided that Healthy Utah is too costly, too unpredictable and too inflexible to earn the caucus’ support.  …


Rep. Lifferth's Complete 2015 Voting Record Jan 26 - Feb 25

Posted by David Lifferth on February 25, 2015 at 8:08pm 0 Comments

Votes Generated: Wed. Feb 25, 8:06 PM

Floor Votes

Bill Short Title Sponsor Action Date Vote
HB0001S01 Higher Education Base Budget Grover, K. House/ passed 3rd reading 2/9/2015 Yea
HB0004S01 Business, Economic Development, and Labor Base Budget Pitcher, D. House/ passed 3rd reading 2/9/2015 Yea
HB0005 Retirement and Independent Entities Base…

My talking points on HB214 Anti-Caller ID Spoofing bill

Posted by David Lifferth on February 24, 2015 at 11:17am 0 Comments

HB214 Caller ID Spoofing Bill

This is my 3rd Identity Theft related bill in 3 years

This bill started out as an Identity Theft bill but has been focused to cover spoofing of Caller ID for phone and text messaging.

  • This is a serious crime that is happening nationwide.
  • Let me explain what this is: When you receive a phone call or text message on a modern phone you are delivered a phone number which represent the phone number of the person that is calling or texting you.
  • In some cases there is also a name that is displayed as the name of the person or organization that is calling you.
  • However, there are techniques used by some to deceive you and trick you into believe that they are someone other than who they really are. 
  • It is been documented that…



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